Matthew Fritter

Managing Partner

Matthew Fritter

Matt Fritter is the President of American Residential Investment Management. Matt grew up in Raleigh, NC, graduating from Broughton High School and North Carolina State University. Prior to forming American Residential, Matt was a multi-family investment broker for a local investment sales firm.

Using the capital that he made through brokerage, Matt began to buy and sell small rental properties for his personal investment portfolio. In 2006 Matt founded what would become American Residential and shifted his focus from brokerage to acquiring and managing apartment communities.

Since their first acquisition in 2004, ARIM has completed over $500 million in transactions.

“The fundamental values that make American Residential successful are being opportunistic buyers and implementing aggressive, entrepreneurial management strategies. Additionally, the partners of American Residential are typically the largest investors in our acquistions, ensuring alignment of interests between us and our equity partners.”